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Welcome To This Beautiful World

My guests are very welcomed to visit anytime and view my photos. Unless you have a Yahoo®/Flickr® account, you will not be able to leave comments. You will, however, still be able to view all of my photos without a Yahoo account.

To open an account on Yahoo®, which will also establish a Flickr® account so that you may add your comments to my photos (and enable you to either include or exclude restricted material,) please go to the Yahoo Home Page.

If you establish a Flickr® account, you will be able to upload and publish your own photos if you choose to do so. It's free (up to a maximum number of published photos after which there is a nominal charge for a "Professional" account.) Please see the Flickr® site for details.

Now, Back to the Web Site . . .

This is my second attempt at creating a web site. I wanted to show my photographs online so that all of my friends and acquaintances could view them whenever they desired. This website is only possible because I used some very excellent and powerful tools in its creation.

Website Tools . . .

First and foremost, Andrew Strojny created the template that I used. His design work, in this case, was made freely available for my use through the Open Source Web Design project. 

Other fine tools that I made use of, and which are available to the public as open-source software, were Nvu® from Linspire, Inc., a WYSIWG web editor.  And, FastStone®, from Faststone Org, an image manipulation and viewing program. I also owe a great debt of thanks to the authors of GIMP® from GIMP Org. GIMP is an image manipulation and editing tool of tremendous power.  

I use an FTP file handler/client for uploading and downloading my web pages and photos to the web. It is a very capable and fast program called Filezilla and you may download your own copy at no charge.

The header photo on this first page is from The Stock Xchng, and I thank them for the generous use of their photography. 

The Gallery section of this website is a link to my page at Flickr® which is a subsidiary of Yahoo Inc. I thank the owners of Yahoo Inc. for their generous permission to allow me to link to the Flickr® photo sharing pages. When you visit my Flickr® page you will be taken to a plug-in application called Fluidr® which is an open source gallery application using the Flickr® content. Fluidr was designed and implemented by Sidath Senanayake (haelio on Flickr®) whom I heartily thank for his work and for his generosity in sharing his creation. 

My most sincere thanks go out to each and every contributor for all of your wonderful support!

You will find the Web address in the links window to the right of this section. Please visit these generous providers of first-class software and contribute to their ongoing efforts.

Photography Contained at this site . . .

All of the photography on this site, and in the gallery, unless otherwise noted is copyrighted material, owned by Kevin D. Renz, and as such may not be copied, sold, or used in any other public way including on your website or other artistic creations without prior written apporval from the copyright owner. 

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How to use this site:

Use your mouse to select an option from the menu at top. If you select "Gallery," you will open my Flickr® page using the FluidR® plug-in application. The program will open in another tab in your browser. 

When you are finished there, simply click on the "close tab" selection in your browser and you will be returned to this web site.

There are navigational instructions on the Gallery interface for you to follow. Simply pressing the "space-bar" will take you from photo to photo, while pressing "Z" will present you with an enlarged version of any photo.  

If you would like to leave comments on any photo, you must have and log onto a Yahoo®/Flickr® account in order to do so. It is fast and free to obtain one and you will receive all of the benefits of a full-service Yahoo® account! 


Andrew Strojny - Web Designer

Open Source Web Design Org

Linspire, Inc. Makers of Nvu HTML Editor

FastStone Image Editor and Viewer

GIMP Image Manipulation tool and Editor

The Stock Xchang

Filezilla FTP Client

Yahoo Home Page

Flickr Photo Sharing Site

Other News and Info:

If you are curious about me, or about my photography including my interests, my work, my reasons for photographing the things I do, go to the About Me page for information on these subjects. 

If you want to know more about my equipment or my techniqes, go to the Equipment page.

If you would like to purchase one or more of my images, you will have to contact me personally through the contact page as I have not set up a storefront as yet. It may be coming in a later version of this site. 

If you would like to contact me, either to comment personally on my work or to notify me of a mistake here, or for any reason, you can get in touch with me through the Contact page on this site.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and view my site. I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your visit here and that it was an inspiration to you. Come back anytime to see if I have posted new photos (which I will as I take them.) 

Please tell your friends to visit, register, use the site's features, and tell their friends about it!

And, again, please visit the sites of the people and organizations that contributed to the creation of this site.